USA: The Giving Keys

Word and stamped jewelry has become very popular the past few years. What I especially love about The Giving Keys is it’s the perfect way to remind yourself or a friend that they possess and are capable to overcome whatever is troubling them at this stage in their life.

Brand: The Giving Keys

Country of Origin: USA

How they give back: employ people transitioning out of homelessness in downtown LA

Products: jewelry for men and women

What to love about this brand:

Caitlin Crosby, actress & The Giving Keys founder, started wearing the hotel key as a necklace while on tour and had the idea to start engraving old, used keys with inspirational words. Realizing that, in a way, we are all like these keys – unique, flawed, scarred, and sometimes discarded by others – she wanted these keys to have their purpose renewed over and over again.
She always knew she wanted a charitable dimension to The Giving Keys, and within a few months she found the missing link. On a rainy day walking on Hollywood Boulevard, Caitlin saw a couple named Rob and Cera sitting under an umbrella holding a sign that read Ugly, Broke, & Hungry. Caitlin invited them to dinner, where she serendipitously discovered that Cera made jewelry. This was a magical a-ha moment where Caitlin asked them to be her business partners. Rob and Cera joined the team and started making Giving Keys the very next day.

Step by step, Rob and Cera saved enough money for a hotel room, then an apartment, and then a home to call their own! Today, they are living in San Diego where Rob works for the San Diego Zoo and Cera is also employed.

This was the start of our company’s passion to help those who have been affected by homelessness. (From Here)

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Let go. Allow yourself to begin again.

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What I love about The Giving Keys: this is jewelry for good, reminding the wearer that they are special, loved, to believe in themselves, valuable. As someone that struggles with anxiety and fear, married to a man with depression I can tell you it’s the little things like these keys that remind me through out the day that I am not the sum of one bad event on my worst day. Instead I am evolving and to have Faith, or Believe, or to just Let Go. I’d love to get one each year with my word of the year to remind myself of what I’ve promised to hold myself up to over the next 365 days.

What is on my wishlist:


Left to Right: Never Ending Necklace// Rose Gold Mini Bracelet// Matte Mini Black Lariat Necklace// Dainty Necklace

Favorite Words: Brave, Let Go, Hope

Where to find them online:

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