USA: R. Riveter Bags

I clearly have a thing for bags, but while some girls love shoes. I love bags. Good quality versatile bags that will hold anything and everything and look stunning while doing it. R. Riveter is one of those bags.

Brand: R. Riveter Handbags

Country of Origin: USA

How they give back: employing Military Spouses

Products: Women’s hand bags made from recycled canvas and leather

What to love about this brand: Each R. Riveter bag embarks on a journey across the country before finding herself delivered to your doorstep. Every part and piece that goes into your new American Handmade bag – from the hand-stitched liner to the hand cut leather – is crafted and secured by different Military Spouse Riveters stationed coast to coast. This is what makes your handbag so special; It has been touched and cherished by bold, refined and genuine women, just like you. (from Here)

What I love about R. Riveter Bags: While I am not a hugely patriotic person, again, I love a fabulous bag, giving women the opportunity to better themselves and their families and who wouldn’t love a bag made from recycled army surplus canvas?

What is on my wishlist:

R Riveter Wishlist | Adventurous Shelby Blog

Left to Right: Hobby Bag// Otto Bag// Soy Candle

Where to find them online:

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