#write31daysFashionforGood | Recap

It’s not over, tomorrow I have a special post planned that I hope you get excited about. But let’s go over the last month here, today.

I shared a total of 19 ethically made brands with you, ranging from Uganda, India, and Australia to many located right here in the USA. Brands that provide their employees with dignified wages, a safe work environment and hope for the future. Brands that empower women to support their families and young girls to go to college and make a difference in their communities. Brands that support Military spouses, those overcoming homelessness and providing shoes for those that can’t afford them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We talked about what the difference between ethical and fair trade is, why worldwide textile waste matters and how made in the USA is vital to the ethical business model.

So, I want to know. Did you learn anything this month?

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