Just Finished Reading: A Mile Wide by Brandon Hatmaker

Although a major tributary the Platte River was never used as a major navigation route because it’s wide, muddy and lacks depth, as described by American Journalist, Edgar Nye in 1889.

The church offers a wide variety of things to church goers but with this depth becomes a problem. Hatmaker breaks down the areas of life in which we lack depth and how we can seek it out more.

  1. Faith community- where we learn & are cared for
  2. Missional community- where we serve and who we serve
  3. Secular community- where we do life

Brandon begins this book referencing the parable of the sower and breaking down this story in a way I never thought of.

He who has ears, let him hear. Matthew 13:9 ESV

He goes on to say there are basically 3 ways we encounter with the gospel:

  • engaging in a spiritual need
  • a relational need
  • a physical need

We base our gospel, our good news within the context of these situations in which we relate to the gospel. And that we learn best along the way and in different environments. What I love about the Hatmakers is their honesty. Brandon refers to not fitting in to the Christian lifestyle early in college and learning to let his old self go but still choosing to minister to a biker group he is in each month through monthly rides, and service projects. Learning to unite your faith with the world you live in is how you find your mission field and understand & love those who surround you.

A Mile Wide | Adventurous Shelby

Living life shut away inside the church condemning the world doesn’t lead you to loving the community in which your church is situated. You miss meeting your neighbors and loving on people. One of the highlights of this book was Brandon talking about how people visit church and how weird it is. After moving several times and doing a lot of church hopping, it is the most awkward thing in the world. And if you haven’t done it recently it well make you re-think how you greet visitors this Sunday. Making friends, finding a church and being vulnerable is hard. If you want to grow your church you have to be as vulnerable as the people you are inviting, being honest, open and truthful.

Overall, another fantastic book from the Hatmaker clan. Grab a copy here!

I got this book for free in return for an honest review.

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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