Wear It Wednesday | 5 ways I wear a Dress

Dressember is around the corner, so you’re on the fence. What on earth can you do wearing a dress everyday to “mix it up”? Here are 5 ways, I like to mix up Dressember in my dress! If you’re wearing the same dress EVERYDAY, it can feel monotonous, make sure the color of your dress mixes well with the other colors in your closet. Especially cardigans, sweaters, leggings, and jackets. If you have a few dresses to wear mix and match if something doesn’t work with one dress, try it with another before dismissing the idea entirely. 

  1. With a belt to highlight your waistlineIMG_6426
  2. Add a Sweater OVER your dress (Or a long sleeve top under your dress!)

    day 19
    day 19
  3. With boots & fun socks!

    Dressember Accessory Necessities
    Dressember Accessory Necessities
  4. Wear with jeans or leggings for colder days! (also don’t be afraid of color!)

    day 14
    day 14
  5. Add a Scarf or Accessory

    day 18
    day 18

No matter where you live you can participate in Dressember. The rules give you wiggle room to wear pants for work (especially if it’s a uniform requirement) when working out or sleeping. Basically, if you are getting dressed for the day you choose to wear a dress to raise awareness of sex trafficking and prove that you 1) can do anything in a dress 2) women are not limited to what we can accomplish because of our femininity.


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