Wear it Wednesday | Dressember 2016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means Dressember isn’t far behind! For the 3rd year in a row, I am pledging to wear a dress everyday for the month of December to raise awareness of sex trafficking around the world.

Again, Kayla & I are teaming up and have created the Wear It Wednesday Dressember Team on Dressember.org go and donate or sign up as a participant! It doesn’t seem like much to wear a dress everyday but it will get people at your office, church and local coffee shop asking why. And when they do YOU can tell them about Dressember and how wearing a dress every day can make a difference.


The first year I did this I wore every dress in my closet.

Last year I wore the same dress everyday for the entire month.

This year, I plan to wear 3 different dresses. because variety is the spice of life but it still challenges me to try new things!

  1. Burgundy 2015 Dressember shift dress
  2. Olive 2016 Dressember turtleneck dress
  3. Undecided… check back

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