Journaling Bibles

I’ve been a long time fan of the journaling bible.

I got my first journaling bible (pink) in 2009, from my in-laws as a Christmas present. When you have a husband in seminary taking notes in your bible becomes second nature, and if any one who has tried this knows there is almost no room in a standard bible for note taking. 


My second journaling bible I received as a gift from my friend Stacie, last December. After we finished reading the entire bible last year, she treated me to a beautiful new ESV journaling bible ready to be filled with prayers, doodles and colors.


My first 2 journaling bibles were empty, with space for the imagination and Spirit to fill in together. Like a writer I get shell shocked when I see an empty page, it paralyzes me. It took me nearly 6 months to write my name in my new journaling bible.

The Beautiful Word Bible takes the fear out of the blank page, it is full of beautiful designs and images to inspire worship for those who fear writing in or coloring in their bibles. I have the NIV version, although not my go-to it does inspire me creatively when I am in a rut and to see the beauty in the book as a whole.


The NKJV Journal in the Word Bible features a large print, which I historically have said, I don’t need because I am youthful and can read. (Cue eye roll) I’m loving the large print, it might be my most, almost favorite thing about this bible. You see I’m basically a blind bat and need corrective lenses all. the. time. The large print is easier to read and is less strenuous on my eyes. The down side to the larger print is this bible is thicker. It looks like a small mammal about to jump off my bookshelf. (It’s 2″ solid)


The picture doesn’t do it justice, while I love my ESV, it is my go-to version, this NKJV maybe a fun studying bible for in-depth scripture study, especially if I’m going to be reading for long periods of time. Another plus to this bible is it lays flat. It is hard bound and will lay flat if you’re reading the preface or the last chapter of Revelation. I find it incredibly irritating to be reading something the the book trying to close on you, this is one of my criticisms of cook books.

Overall, this is not only a stunningly beautiful bible, but the translation has been updated for easier reading and understanding and with plenty of room in the margin for notes, doodles, and prayers. There are even a few blank pages at the end of the bible for more extensive note taking.

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