Dressember Accessory Necessities

This is my short list for a successful Dressember, a variety of leggings, boots, and sweaters but also my dress slip helps makes this month easier and removes friction when out and about!

Dressember Accessories | Adventurous Shelby

  1. Leggings- I couldn’t do Dressember without leggings and my fleece lined ones are always perfect or cold days when I don’t want to wear skinny jeans for the tunic look
  2. Dress slip- it would be impossible to enjoy Dressember without my dress slip. It seems silly to mention but I actually couldn’t find it at the beginning of Dressember 2015 and it was driving me bonkers, my dress kept riding up because of friction with my leggings and tights but once I found it dressember has been so much more comfortable.
  3. Cute socks- I recently snagged a few knee and thigh high socks from Target at a decent price, perfect for days I don’t want to wear tights or leggings, it can be warm in central California in December and this is a fun way of not feeling like I am always wearing my dress with tights.
  4. Cute Shoes- I know some of my Dressember Sisters live in very cold places where the shoe option is boots or boots, and while I love my tall Keen boots and my short ankle booties I also enjoy sporting my cute moccasins, ballet flats, and even sandals if its warm enough!!
  5. Layers- oh all the layers…My burgundy dress does eliminate some of my choices but between open front cardigans, boyfriend cardigans and pull over sweaters layers are key and they can change your dress from a dress to a whole new layered look! If sweaters aren’t your thing, maybe try a denim vest or a field jacket, depending on the weather and where you live!


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