Finished Reading: Walking on Water by Madeline L’Engle

Art is communication and if there is no communication it is as though the work had been stillborn. The reader, viewer, listener usually grossly underestimates their importance. -Madeline L’Engle

The reflections on faith & art is a deep read on what it means to be a Christian artist? and what is the relationship between faith and art for Christians and Non-Christians alike?

L’Engle reflects on a variety of artists and forms of art to give the reader a narrative to understand her point of view and question the idea of art and faith equally within the confines of philosophy and perspective. While I found her views fascinating and for the most part agreed and loved the in-depth readers guide in the back of the book. What I enjoyed most about this read is how L’Engle started by reading the bible as a book as a child. She talks about missing out on Sunday School as a child and what a blessing that has become as she hasn’t had to Unlearn mistruths taught to children during that time.

Walking on Water- Reflections on Faith & Art

She talks at length about the vulnerability it takes to be a creative in this modern age, to be open enough to feel God stirring and capable enough to essentially adult in this world. Creativity opens us to revelation and when the high creativity is lowered to merely 2% as adults, we loose the ability to see angels, walk on water and talk to unicorns. Youthfulness is blessed with an innocence that fosters creativity.

We all fail each other; none of us is totally trustworthy; but the more we are trusted, the more we become worthy of trust. There is much that the artist (painter, writer, photographer, composer, fabric artist, song writer) must trust. He must trust himself, his work, and to be open to revelation and that is an act of trust.

pg 68

While this book, is well outside my comfort zone, it was a true joy to read. For all the artists, out there, please know that your work is a blessing and works to remind us of the Creator who encourages us to continue creating, with one another and ultimately with Him.

I received this book for free in return for an honest review. Get a copy of this book, HERE

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