Wear it Wednesday | Dressember Update 1

We are only 7 days into Dressember but it’s been a hard one, it’s been 50ish degrees as a high since day 1 and SO cold in the mornings and evenings! Remember the goal to Dressember is to raise awareness and show that you can do anything in a dress, like go to work, raise kids, build a house, chop firewood, feed the homeless, love your neighbor, or volunteer at the animal shelter. What can you do in a dress?

Dressember creates a path for the busy woman to have a significant impact on ending a dark injustice. By wearing the Dressember uniform– a dress every day in December- she uses her voice to advocate for the freedom of all people.

Want to join in? It’s not to late to start wearing a dress every day and talking about the modern sex & slave trade happening in the world. Join us by clicking the button below! We’d love to have you on our team, to raise awareness or funds to help rescue women & children currently enslaved.



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