Christmas Wishlist 2016

As a grown up it feels really weird to want something for Christmas and know deep down, no one else knows that you want it…as a kid it’s easy to ask for things for the holiday. They eagerly ask an old man in a red suit for a crazy variety of things and manage to get most of it.

I made a promise to only buy ethically, sustainably and made in the USA not just for Christmas & the holiday season but every time I have the opportunity to buy something I want my hard earned money to be making a REAL difference. I don’t want to pad weathly CEO’s pockets, I want my money to go back to artisans, creators, and hard working individuals who want nothing more than to support their families with the tools and skills they possess and be paid a fair living wage.

My ‘Nice’ Wishlist:


Sseko D’Orsay Flats// Dignify Blanket// A21// Heifer International// (red)// Be Bravely You Sign// fashionABLE scarf// Kindness Tee// Adventure Charm// Strength Charm// Hope Charm// Long Suede Brave Necklace

My ‘Naughty’ Wishlist:

There is actually nothing ‘naughty’ about this list, except it’s all intimate pieces, also who doesn’t want a gold sparkly bralette to wear under that adorable ADOREme Baby it’s cold outside tank & warm flannel lounge pants?


Nicoletta Sleepwear// Gold Bralette// Green velvet Bralette// Kristeen Sleepwear

Find more adorable sleepwear options on AdoreMe’s site. And more adorable bralettes from Married & Bright, HERE

What is on your wishlist this holiday season? Do you have a naughty & nice list? 

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