Diary Entry 1/3/17

Happy New Year! We are mostly stressed out, wet and cold to the bone here. Not only have we been laden with headaches, and overall winter tireds but we have both been extremely anxious and worried about my grandfather. In case you don’t read my 2017 new start post, my grandpa has stage 4 cancer. My family has been doing everything they can and within their power to help and support him & my grandmother during this time. Here they are on Christmas morning!

Family Christmas 2016

Other things on my mind:  bridesmaids bracelets for all of us bridesmaids and for the bride of course, from HERE, as well as actively watching my bridesmaid dress on David’s bridal to make sure I order it on time. #nopressure

Had a Dr. appointment this AM. It’s a bummer to go out in the cold and the rain but I got it over and done with early so I could treat myself to a flat white from Starbucks and knock out as many hours as possible today.

Coffee & Sparkly Bracelet

How was your first day back after the holidays? What are you struggling with right now?

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