Finished Reading: Grace not Perfection by Emily Ley

Forget what the world is telling you…you are enough. You are worthy of happiness. Pg 2

You don’t have to get too far into this book and to find truth is there staring back at you.

I’m beyond lucky to have a sister who saw this book and thought of me. Not only is it a beautiful hardback pink and gold foil book but it contains full color pages with gorgeous details that I can only imagine that Emily had a hand in creating. This book has been added to my ‘read again when life is overwhelming’ stack, which also includes; Wild & Free, Make it Happen, Present over Perfect, and Unashamed.

In Grace not Perfection, Emily talks about the struggles of being a CEO, mother of 3, wife and homemaker. While I can only identify with 2 of those titles her stories and lessons in faith, grace and love cross boundaries and unite women that all struggle with how the world tells us we ought to be and who we actually are in God and how our constant drive for perfection distracts us from the beauty in our everyday circuses. Emily tells readers to embrace the circus, God didn’t call us to perfection but to love those we interact with and surround ourselves with. The world is the one calling us to the impossible goal of more followers, readers, perfect wardrobes, children’s birthday parties, wedding invitations, and flawless skin. Don’t believe the lies. Have faith and remember you are enough.

Warm & CozTea Exchange 2017

The way you begin your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Pg 135

I spent a lot of time evaluating my routine and priorities when reading this book, I’m not over committed really and I don’t have a ton of things on my calendar but being more aware to where my time is going. Making my work time more of a priority and leaving my phone in the other room during that time (this is not always possible especially when your family is states away) but being more intentional with my time giving myself time to blog, to write and reflect is equally as important to me as my work time and giving myself time to do those things without feeling guilty in the evenings is important to me.

xo, Shelby

PS. grab a copy of Grace not Perfection through the link (HERE)

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