Creating SMART goals in the new year

Happy 2017! What better way to start the new year than with some goals or resolutions! The best way to create a goal is to think SMART.

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So, what do you want to accomplish? Take the goal, I want to eat better, for example.
Specific: Instead of wanting to eat better which is pretty general, be more specific and eat healthier by reducing sugar intake, cutting carbs, eating out less, or reducing your weekly Starbucks. Specific Goals lead to Specific Results!
Measurable: How are you going to measure this goal? Consider making a mark in your calendar each day you make a better food choice in your calendar, it satisfies your need to mark it down and helps you look back and see how often you made your goal a priority. Also, what steps are you going to take? Maybe remove processed pre-made food or take out from your diet? Make a meal plan for the week before grocery shopping, this is how we manage the food in our home and that we only eat good food.
Attainable: Good News! This is an achievable goal! Eating healthier is a series of better decisions, have yogurt (no sugar or added flavors) with fresh fruit and nuts instead of ice cream with chocolate sauce. Get your spouse to help or a friend to support you. Be in charge of the grocery shopping putting YOU in charge of making better decisions & giving you power to plan what you will eat each week.
Relevant/Realistic: Just because you’ve created this goal doesn’t mean everything will magically turn out right, be realistic about your capabilities and give yourself room to grow and learn. You are likely going to slip up, I still cheat and have a cake pop from Starbucks from time to time but that doesn’t mean I have one everyday or every time I go. Moderation is key!
Timely: Set a date you want to achieve your goal by! Once you’ve reached this date, look back and see what changes you made in your habits. Create a new goal and continue to push yourself! Give yourself a one month goal to do this, after a month evaluate what is and isn’t working. Get some new healthy meal ideas and try something new or more challenging the next month!

I believe the goal to eat healthier and cut back on carbs is a far better goal than to loose XY amount of weight. Why? Because it’s very likely that in the process of eating better and adding some light walking or exercise you may end up loosing more than you thought! I also don’t believe weight is a bad thing, ladies we have to learn to love our bodies!
What goal are you setting for the new year??

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