Wear It Wednesday | Closet Inventory

So, I had this GENIUS idea a few days back to create a closet inventory. I’m not planning for a capsule but I wanted to know what was IN my closet. So I wrote down all the pieces in my ‘closet’ including color, brand, type, pattern, etc. And well, making the list didn’t actually take too long but once I started putting it into an excel document it has kind of become an obsession. Now I can look at a document and see I only own (get this) 7 patterned shirts. SEVEN.

3 of those are stripes

2 of those are plaid

My closet inventory started with tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear. You know the stuff IN my closet that I wear. Then I decided to add, shoes, bags and my jewelry box. So, as time consuming as this was, maybe a few hours, it gave me some great perspective. Helping me realize how few pattern pieces I ACTUALLY own, and what colors are missing from my closet, i.e., black, red & pink tops, non neutral colored shoes, and the fact that I own 2 skirts. Mind you I did this after a massive purge in December, where I can tell you I had more skirts but let’s be realistic here, I never wear them.

My Closet Inventory | Adventurous Shelby

Next Step:

Realistic shopping? Well now that I know what I actually in my closet, I’d like to start checking off how often I’m wearing things. I know my professional wear pieces aren’t getting worn because I don’t NEED them right now, but there are certain pieces you always keep in your closet. I wonder how often I’m wearing those pattern pieces, clearly I prefer knits over wovens and I’d like to add a sleeveless cardigan, and a patterned cardigan to my repertoire.

Last year, without this list I was feeling the burden of not owning a black bag, since then I’ve added two. And my gold selections in my jewelry box were simply nonexistent, now I have a set of earrings & necklace. (Although rose gold is now on my radar, so that would make a splendid addition!)

Now, several years ago while living in Texas, our home was robbed. The robbers weren’t paying much attention and left a portion of my jewelry (mostly heirloom) but took some priceless personal pieces, they also stole ALL my purses, even the fake Prada my sister got in NYC from 2007. Having an inventory with approximate values is essential when something like this happens. It helps your insurer know how much coverage you need, and it helps you know exactly what went missing. It’s horrible to plan for something like this but really, it provides me with so much peace of mind knowing that all my jewelry is covered (FYI: you might need additional coverage depending on what you own & the value)

Where to go from here:

Now that I know what I own, I know what I need. I need a few more dressy tanks/tees for spring and summer and early fall, currently only 3 in my closet. A new sweater or two (I only have 4 and 3 are lightweight) and possibly non denim casual pants, cause I have denim for DAYS. And because I put this in Numbers (aka Mac Excel) it’s easily accessible on my phone when I’m shopping! (Holler!)

Would you like a printable or outline of how I did my closet inventory? Let me know in the comments!

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