Wear It Wednesday | 5 things to purge right now

I feel like, as a Stylist, it’s a lot about telling people how to wear new trendy pieces. Instead today, I’m going to tell you what you need to throw out today. In my Closet Cleanse chapter of the Wear it Wednesday Dressing Your Best Self ebook, I do an in-depth walk through of how to decide and what to do if you’re indecisive. But today, when standing in front of your closet, dresser or wardrobe you NEED to purge these things today. And I guarantee we all have at least one of these.

  1. Heels/shoes you can’t walk in
  2. Jeans that don’t fit
  3. White tops that aren’t white anymore
  4. hole-y socks (get rid of the set so you don’t have one random sock)
  5. Anything Stained or Damaged

5 Things to Throw Out of Your Closet RIGHT NOW

Thats the list.

I’m not going to tell you to get things cleaned or DIY the socks into cut cat toys, although that is an option. But if you haven’t assembled your monthly donation to your local charity then get to it and send them the jeans, shoes, and non-white tops.

Throw everything else away or get out those craft scissors and DIY time!

5 thoughts on “Wear It Wednesday | 5 things to purge right now

    1. Thankfully mine refuses to wear hole-y socks & he is quiet picky about his shirts too, now if I could just get him to empty/fill the dishwasher…

  1. I live in odd socks – so I tend to throw out the odd holey ones as they come through – this week I had to throw out two individual holey socks. My jeans that don’t fit currently are the only pair I have so have to keep wearing them lol. Buying jeans is causing me a level of stress so I need a trip to town while Jaxon is at preschool or babysat so that I can reduce my stress while trying on jeans. The pair I have is a UK14 but too big but I know if I go for a UK14 in the shop they will be too small. Fun times lol

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