Wear It Wednesday | My Sseko Designs Story

I’m not a ‘high fashion’ girl. But when I was applying my job as a Stylist in 2014, I asked myself a deep question, “why do I want this job?” What about being a stylist draws me?

Sseko Buy Better Not More

The answer: I want to empower women and I do that through clothes & styling advice, but I also do that with my purchasing power which is why I choose ethical and fair-trade when given the opportunity. By buying Sseko Design products, I’m supporting a girl who is working hard to go to University and create a new life for herself, one that doesn’t mean being exploited or married off. A future that she is able to create because she worked hard, got an education, and worked for something more.

Sseko crossbody clutch
Sseko crossbody clutch

My Sseko Design journey began a year ago when I got the Honeyed brown crossbody bag in my 10th Fix, February 2016. Since then, I’ve pretty much bought something from them every other month, and if not from Sseko. I’ve bought Sseko from Poshmark (second hand is ethical!)

Shelby & Staci & Sseko

For Christmas I bought a Market fabric tote bag, and gave one to my coffee date girlfriend, Stacie (she blogs too!). The best thing about exchanging gifts with Stacie this year is we both gave the gift of Sseko to each other, this was not planned my friends! She bestowed upon me the suede brave necklace with the adventure charm– seems appropriate for my adventurous blog and scary word of the year! It was ironic because not a week before I shared my wishlist, and she texted me asking if i was going to buy any of those pieces for myself after the holidays, and I said something like maybe… The shirking was probably uncomfortable for the fellow patrons of our regular coffeeshop but they were too nice to say anything, we were kind of geeking out.

Coffee Friends & Sseko

Stacie & I are in our own way, sseko sisters, supporting each other and other women in Uganda & Ethiopia with these gorgeous purchases. We lift each other up, we love on one another and we support each other in anyway we can, the same way we choose to buy Sseko to lift up the girls in Uganda & Ethiopia who make these pieces for a fair wage and to pay for university! Every piece, is gorgeous made by girls who dream of a future past University as doctors, lawyers, and government officials! I tear up reading their names on the tag and their stories.

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My favorite brands are the ones that prove you can look good & do good in the world. The brands that believe in the power of lifting up and supporting people to be their very best selves.

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