Finished Reading: Reclaiming Hope

In Michael Wear’s book ‘Reclaiming Hope’ it’s part memoir part autobiographical in how faith played a role in the president’s policy making. Wear highlights President Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speeches, his numerous telling of his testimony and the role faith played in his day to day life. I cannot imagine the ordeal to actively try to build bridges while doing what you feel God calling you to accomplish for the least among us in America today. Wear also highlights the hurt the Obama family faced as Americans failed to believe in his faith, or in his citizenship, especially from the evangelical community. Wear also tells the story of the First Family visiting Nineteenth Street Baptist church, the ordeal it becomes for the church, for the congregation was too much for them. Wear mentions that word got out and tourists arrived to see the family, so instead of a Sunday morning at church it becomes a presidential event that isn’t so much about worship but about a presidential experience. It seems based on Wear’s re telling of this story, I’d opt out of attending church regularly as President of the US too.

And as Wear says, “I do not know why the First Family decided against [holding private services in the White House], but I did not need to know nor did I have the right to know. Nor does anyone else.” Page 87

Reclaiming Hope by Michael Wear

I should tell you, I don’t believe in a Christian Nation or politics. I believe we are a nation built on the basis of religious freedom and a melting pot of nationalities where we all come together to better ourselves and our neighbor.

This book cemented the toils of the Obama years and the turmoil of the decisions, the hardships of reaching across an isle when no one was reaching back, and the tough decions made after prayers, advisement, and counsel. I urge everyone from either side of the isle of varying faith to read this book to grab but a glimpse of the faith climate within the White House during the last 8 years.

Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

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