Lament on Anxiety

I recently started the She Reads Truth: Mourning & Dancing study. My friend, Stacie, ordered a copy of this a few months ago and was blessed enough to receive two and shared with me. I’ve been holding on to it and decided last week to start this study as a way of lamenting the loss of my grandfather. But I have to admit I’ve found the structure of this study is not only unique in layout & thought but it’s way to accepting loss whatever it may be. And I’ve loved the ability to lament a variety of losses. This one from a few days ago is one I find myself reading over and over.

Lament 2/18/2017

Lord, I seek peace in all aspects of my life.

Rescue & Deliver me for you adopted me through Christ’s sacrifice.

For you love me.

Deliver me from worries and anxieties outside my control.

Forgive me for trying to control all aspects of my life.

Save me from the worries of the world.

Deliver me from my wanting to be in control, my perfectionism.

For You have prepared my way and am with me always.

But I will seek to let go and let you when I accept that I can no longer do it all.

I will proclaim your love though I continue to fail.

I will sing praise of your forgiveness.

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