Finished Reading: Nothing to Prove

Ever feel like you just can’t get it together? And that everyone has it all together? Where did you go wrong? How are they getting it right? The problem first lies in believing that everything you are seeing is 100% real life. Second, is assuming they actually have it all together.

*SPOILER ALERT: no one has it all together. Thank goodness 🙂

I admit getting through the first 2 chapters where a bit exhausting. Jennie, I love you girl but you literally have nothing to prove. Trust me, if we were friends I would have told you long ago to put down the backpack and rip up those star charts, your life is way more ‘put-together’ than mine. (As, I write from my 2 bedroom apartment in Central California dreaming of one day being half as successful and fulfilled as you and merely owning a tiny bit of land for a small house for our family to create & empower women near & far.)

Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

What I really appreciated about this book where the ‘retelling’ of Bible stories and her real life experience when living out these new ideas of hope, faith, and trust. Jennie eloquently puts into words what we are feeling, the inability to live up to any or many expectations imposed on us today, and the realization that we don’t have to. We aren’t able to do it all because we aren’t supposed to.

If we could do it all then why did Jesus come? If we could do it all then why does everyone else feel this way? If we could do it all why aren’t more people successful at doing it all?

My biggest take away from this book is to trust in God more and less on myself- this one is going to take some time y’all. I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and not always in things that are from God. Working harder is not always better unless you are yoked with the Creator and resting in Him.

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I was provided a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.

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