Diary Post 3/10/17

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Needless to say the loss of my grandfather took front seat in all my personal posts over the last few months. But so many other things are happening.

My best friend of 13 years is getting married in like 50 days (OMG so much to do!) and we are starting to put together our travel plans for the big event. I have so many great ideas on non-traditional wedding gifts that I’m having a hard time deciding what to get them! Seriously, though if you have a favorite non traditional wedding gift idea, I’d love to hear it in the comments! On the plus side all dresses have been ordered, and I still, STILL, can’t decide what shoes to wear so I may bring every pair I own. #stylistproblems

I’m LOVING the warmer weather days, seriously I’m so not ready for summer but give me some 65-70 degree days so I can wear ankle pants & sandals with a casual knit top without layers. Plus Asher would love more trips to the dog park. We went last Saturday, and it clearly was the highlight to his day. What was not the highlight to my day was him lounging in a mud puddle before getting into the back seat of my car to go home. 😐 Seriously dude?

Then having to have a bath in the shower, and me scrubbing the shower clean because I swear mud was EVERYWHERE. (reasons I don’t have kids #19364). We then spent the remainder of the day napping on the floor, oh wait that was Asher. I snuck in a few more hours of work. :\

Earlier this week, I had the most vivid dream about my Grandfather. I dreamt that my family and I visited some desert national park, which would be totally normal and when we arrived at the visitor center outlook there are the most beautiful painted rocks and desert grasses swaying in the wind and  there looking out at this heavenly scene was my grandpa in one of those yellow yard chairs, he had at his house. His back was too us and as we approached he kinda half turned and said, “Hi, sweetheart! How are you!” At this point I became more of an observer than a participant. My mom gave him a ring like a wedding band that said “aloha” in it which means both; hello and good bye in Hawaiian, my grandparents & my dad lived in Hawaii for 3 years. All this was happening while the sun was setting over this heavenly desert scene like I’ve never seen before. I woke up crying and I can’t get it out of my head.

One of my goals is to blog 3 times a week, so this post fulfills my goal for this week. *high five*

Tomorrow me & Stacie are doing a photo shoot swap, and it’s literally the first time I’ve had photos taken in 5 years. I’m a tiny bit excited. Ok, I’m so excited I’m not sure I’m going to sleep tonight. 😉

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