Ivory Palaces

This week at church we are talking about the blessing of peace, I recently shared a story with our worship committee of which I’m a member of the peace that comes with music, specifically a song that was my grandfather’s favorite hymn. I was asked to share this story today at church and thought of sharing it with you as well.

For those of you who don’t know my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer in mid-December, inoperable the only path ahead was palliative care. After months of wondering and doctor visits we finally knew. We made plans to visit in mid January, the soonest we could go. During that time, he was on a strict pain management schedule and was sleeping most of the day.
One evening after dinner, he looked a me from across the room and told he his favorite hymn was ‘Ivory Palaces’ I mentioned I had never heard it. And not a moment later, my husband had pulled up the Dallas Christian Choir singing ‘Ivory Palaces’ on his phone. My grandfather was very hard of hearing, after 20 + years in the air force, so I was really impressed when he not only heard it but recognized it instantly. He sang along and knew all the words. Afterwards, he drifted back to sleep. I was sitting in the walker next to his chair, when he started singing it, not really well mind you but in his half asleep state he sung a bit of the chorus. I knew, he was ready to go and, when he passed on February 11 he arrived at His Ivory Palace.
This old hymn holds a beloved place in my heart, that brings me immeasurable peace. It brought me peace when planning his service & asking for it to be sung during the service. It brings me peace knowing that no matter happens my grandfather is dwelling in heaven & is with me always and peace in knowing my grandfather is free of the pain caused by the cancer.

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