New Growth

In the fall, the grounds crew at our apartment complex trimmed the trees. As a nature lover, it was heart wrenching to watch. I cringed with each falling branch and nearly cried when it was determined trees simply had to go, for the sake of the foundation of our apartment. Mostly ours, there was a huge tree directly in front of our apartment that provided shade, privacy and some much needed entertainment for the cats.

But the tree, I really want to talk about is the one behind our apartment.

A willow, that gave us privacy. When they trimmed that poor tree, I thought they’d killed it. So few green leaves were left on it’s branches, I thought it was done for. And we’d be left without a tree in front or behind.

Then in January, as luck would have it I noticed some new green spots on our little willow. More then in February and now in March there is new green growth all over our beautiful willow tree.

What I determined as bad, turned to be good. You see this past winter we got a lot of rain. Like took us out of our nearly 5 year drought to a 150% snow pack. But with the rain came wind. Wind, like I’ve never heard. It sounded as if a hurricane came through with each rain storm. And I would know, I’ve been through a hurricane or two. It rained for nearly the entire month of January, I swear all I wore were rain boots. But had they not trimmed our trees, the damage and broken limbs could have been so much worse. The trimmed trees didn’t suffer too many broken branches and for the most part only lost loose leaves and new growth.

Living here hasn’t always been what I’d say is a part of my life plan or what I needed. But the last nearly 3 years have given me immense growth in areas of my life I didn’t know I needed. I still desperately want to move away from Modesto, like seriously. God I have no complaints about moving out of Modesto.

The time here has been a time of trimming back, reevaluating where I want my new growth to spring up from. While I may not be living the life I thought I would be at 30 1/2 years old, I am (I know) exactly where I need to be. And I hope by grooming this new growth it may spring up into something beautiful for us.

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