What to do during OHM hours

We signed up for OHM Connect in the last few weeks and have had I think 3 or 4 OHM hours (all in one hour increments no more than one a day), where we turn off all unnecessary electronics and lights, including our nest which runs our ac/heater. We don’t always have an OHM hour each day and we are always given a heads up on when they are so we can know to turn our lights & electronics off.

Here are a few things I found that we do during our OHM hours, to stay busy without electricity

During the day:

I open the blinds to let in as much line as I can. Since I work from home I like to unplug my laptop and work from the kitchen table instead of my office.

Take the dog on a walk to the dog park.

Play some soothing music on my phone and do yoga/home work out

Empty the dishwasher/put away clothes/clean up a room

In the Evening:

leave one light on for a family board game, reading,

do some crafting like painting, coloring or embroidery

journal or write

catch up on that book you’ve been looking at since the new year

What would or do you do when you have OHM hours or choose to use less energy?

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