Wear it Wednesday | March Outfit Round Up

I did a better job of getting dressed this month. I attribute this to the warmer weather and sunshine after nonexistent dry weather of January & February. Lots of layers as it’s still cool out this time of year and even through I’m sporting sandals in many of these photos, my toes were trying not to freeze off when I wore them at 9 in the morning when it was 50 degrees!

Fashion Fun from this month:

I bought a Tigist Live FashionABLE bag off Poshmark this month for $40 & Sseko T-Strap sandals for $25! So that felt like a win!

Stacie & I hosted an Ethical Fashion Party at my church! (And we plan to do something bigger this fall!)

And I wore red for A Day Without Women. Literally the only day I wore red. I have one red shirt y’all.

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