Finished Reading: You are Free by Rebakah Lyons

I admit I totally have a type; memoir, self help is totally my thing. A peek at my book shelf would confirm this. I also admit to being a bit reluctant to grab this one off the shelf. 

Not only was I pleasantly surprised by Rebekah’s story but also her writing style. I enjoyed her stories, biblical interpretation and her prompts at the end of each chapter.

I’ve found if I read too many be brave, be wild, be free, books I get a little burnt out when my life doesn’t turn into a brave new adventure. But Rebekah’s honesty and openness and her challenging perspective of where are you holding yourself hostage from freedom is welcoming no matter what you are suffering from or needing to be freed from. She tells you at the beginning to leave it all on the table, to leave it all out there.

This book gave me some challenging conversations with God and myself. And I highly encourage you to take a chance on this one.

You may not have the same healing experience that Rebekah had but I believe you will take away a sense of unity with this sister in Christ.

I received this book in return for an honest review. Grab a copy, HERE

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