Wear It Wednesday | 10×10 Capsule Challenge

I love a good style challenge and I haven’t done a ‘capsule challenge’ since October and with the weather warming up now seems like a GREAT time to start! So, here’s how you do this!

Pick 10 pieces:

2-4 tops

1-2 dress

1-2 bottoms

1-2 outerwear

1-2 pairs of shoes (if you want to count shoes in your 10 pieces)

Don’t overthink it and focus on pieces that pair well together, think neutrals with a pop of color. I’m not including shoes, because I wear one of 3 pairs everyday anyways. And don’t limit yourself to accessories, this is the perfect way to elevate and completely change a look with an accessory or two!

Then create 10 unique looks! The key is of course to mix & match everything together and share your combinations on social media, or if you’re just doing it for yourself take pictures to put in your closet for fashion inspiration!

I got the idea for this from Style Bee, and am starting mine late as I don’t want it to interfere with Easter and some other BIG life events happening in April so I will be doing my 10×10 style challenge starting on May 2! (I’d start on the first BUT I’m coming home from a trip that day!)

Here are my 10 pieces:

Oh, there are only 9 pieces there? I know, because I’m extremely indecisive and wanted to leave that 10th spot open for that must have piece I simply cannot live without…but I’m not sure what that is just yet…By selecting 9 pieces, I give myself the option what to include as my 10th piece, when it seems nothing else is coming together.

3 Elegantees tops

2 dresses

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of shorts

1 chambray button down

1 pair of olive pants

Things to keep in mind when assembling your 10 piece capsule:


Hop online and look up the 10 day forecast. I have systematically checked the weather every morning since I went to college, since my mom was no longer there to tell me what to expect from the day. Thank you internet & weather.com!

Our weather looks relatively regular this time of the year, but in April we had 80 degree days then we went back to 60 degree days and I hate being cold! So check the weather, don’t plan on including 2 pairs of shorts if they are predicting snow in 2 days and don’t include all jeans for 100 degree weather unless you’re totally fine with that- you might work in a cold office building so it could work for you!


Next, grab your calendar and make a note of any activities you have coming up in the next 10 days.

Over the next two weeks, I don’t have anything special going on. And I intentionally moved our 10×10 challenge to be after a trip to Texas and after Easter, so you’re welcome. But mostly because I wanted to use the most my closet has to offer for these events.

When you get up and get dressed each day you will choose from your 10 pieces + accessories, for things like the gym and sleeping you totally get to enjoying your workout wear & sleep wear!


Gather two or three foundational pieces you know you’ll include, like skinny jeans, a chambray top or your favorite sandals, if you’re including shoes.

At this point, it’s helpful to make a temporary space so you can see your 10 pieces as you’re pulling them together. You could use one side of your closet, a garment rack, or even your shower curtain rod. I will be keeping all my pieces on one shelf in my closet. For planning purposes, it’s a good idea to hang everything together & I highly recommend your shower curtain rod for that!


Consider the following when building on your foundation:

  1. Weather & Daily Life. Go off the notes you made earlier, and be ruthless. You’ll enjoy this challenge so much more if you pick items that work with the weather and your lifestyle.
  2. Color Scheme. Keep it minimal and neutral so you can easily mix and match. Typically, I’d say stick with neutrals with one colorful piece, but I included lots of solid colored tops and one colored bottom, we’ll see how it goes!
  3. Balance. Pick shapes and silhouettes that work well together, like looser tops with fitted bottoms. Or whatever you typically find most comfortable!

Want to join in? I’ll be posting day by day images in my Instagram Stories & in the Wear it Wednesday Group on Facebook, come join me!

Adopted from Style Bee’s Blog, HERE

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