2017 Mother’s Day

Although some may disagree with me, but I have the best mom. She taught me to be empathetic, kind, and how to build things. No really, we built rabbit hutches for my FFA rabbits in High School, we drew up the designs and went to Home Depot. She taught me that being a girl wasn’t a limitation, it was an opportunity to prove everyone wrong.

Mom & I

And she is crafty, like the dress I wore to my best friend’s wedding a few weeks ago, she hemmed it & she’s hemming it again so I’ll have a short tea length dress for the future. She can accomplish all that she sets her mind to, and she taught me that working hard and perseverance will take you a long way in life.

I also have a beautiful and loving mother-in-law, there aren’t words to describe how lucky I am to have her. She is kind, caring and is an accomplished world traveler & master gardener.

Me & My Mother in Law, Summer 2015

She went with us to the UK, Ireland, & Paris in 2015, she’s strong willed and soft spoken. A beautiful soul, I’m blessed to have in my life!

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