Wear It Wednesday | My DevaCurl Experience

You’re probably reading that title wondering why I use a curl based anything on my head. Well, it’s confession time I have naturally wavy hair that for the last 20 years, I’ve had literally no idea how to tame or flaunt its natural beauty. I can’t use heavy moisturizing shampoos because my scalp is too oily but going without and my ends just dry up and frizz.

Enter DevaCurl, my sister who has kinky curly (aka always fancy) hair has been using this for at least 2 years now. It’s changed her hair routine, from having to use nearly half a bottle of gel to hold her curls to using only DevaCurl products and having soft manageable curls!

My hair on the other hand doesn’t have the same dramatic small curls that she has instead, I have large swooping waves that admittedly I straightened the hell out of in high school, college, and most of my early 20’s. My husband loves my ‘natural’ hair even if I didn’t always. Since moving to California almost 3 years ago, I’ve used little heat and product on my hair and surprisingly didn’t see the health of my hair improve, without the proper products my hair continued to look disheveled.

Then I took the plunge.

Haley walked me through which things I should try and which I should stay away from. I ended up with the Deva Curl Celebrate Wavy Kit which included the Low Poo Delight Shampoo, One Condition Delight Conditioner and the Wave Maker whip (oh and a scarf which I gave to Haley).

When I follow the directions, I end up with the most amazing beautiful waves that I honestly thought I’d only get with heat and a hair hardening product like gel. But my waves are soft, and so so pretty. I admit to loving my hair for the first time in my life because of these products.

Now, my magical waves may not be “OMG how did you do that?!” but they make a huge difference to me, I can feel a difference in my hair when I’ve used these products. My hair feels healthy, less frizz, and I want to touch them all day, but don’t do that. Touching is not good for those fragile little waves.

Have you tried DevaCurl? Know someone who should?

I should mention that no one paid for this post, all opinions are my own and totally truthful. I sincerely love & recommend this product, I wouldn’t have written this post otherwise!

By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

2 thoughts on “Wear It Wednesday | My DevaCurl Experience

  1. I haven’t but might be worth trying if I can get it in the UK. My hair varies – if I leave it to dry it can go a bit wavy. When I was pregnant with Jaxon I actually gained a bit of a curl in my hair although it’s gone again now 😦

    1. I really love this shampoo, and although I don’t use it every time, I still have great results!

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