Managing Calendars | Part 1

In today’s busy on the go world, how do you manage your calendar? Now since the beginning of well the tech age, there has been the age old problem of what kind of calendar to keep and how do you manage multiple calendars. Personally I keep 2 forms of calendars; a paper on that mostly resides on my desk & an electronic calendar that hold appointments, webinars, and work meetings to trip timelines and deadlines.

Sync your paper & electric calendar once a week

I like to sync my paper & iCal calendar on Sundays, I can plan out my week adjust for events and double check if Travis needs anything from me. This means my personal appointments & my work appointments, I like to be prepared for things and knowing going into a week what I need to do helps me stay on-track & focused. As things come up throughout the week, I put them on my paper calendar and schedule them on the computer or my phone, deciding who I need to share those events with.

Making Plans have a default 

I always put things in my electric calendar first. ALWAYS. My paper calendar is mostly for me during the week to schedule appointments, phone calls and lunch dates. But must haves on the calendar, especially for more than a few days out always go in my iCal, I’d rather have it on my electric calendar than a half scribbled note in my paper calendar. Plus my husband and I share calendars, he can see *most* of my calendar events, I don’t bore him with work meeting or to-do list items.

Sharing your plans

A great plus to having a paper & electric calendar is you can easily share the electric one, my husband and I have to have color coded calendars, and a family calendar all shared with each other. When he schedules something it appears on my mine as a notification, when I schedule something it appears on his. Although he doesn’t check his calendar as often as I do, he can’t claim I didn’t tell him.

Do you keep a paper & electronic calendar? Do you manage the family calendar?

Next Week: Multiple Calendars in your Electronic Calender

5 thoughts on “Managing Calendars | Part 1

  1. Our family calendar is on iCloud – this means that my Mum can see my calendar too. i’m a bit of a planner addict and never really settle in one place when it comes to my planner. I have an Erin Condren which is kind of a work diary. I then have an A6 travelers notebook that goes in my handbag. There’s probably easier and simpler ways to keep track of everything but I get a bit distracted lol.

    1. You’re so creative! I keep on paper planner and our iCal/iCloud calendars. But I’m not creative enough for bullet journalling or any of that!

      1. Give it a go 🙂🙂 start with a handful of stickers or some washi on your paper planner. See what happens! Bullet journalling doesn’t have to be the beautiful complex pictures you see on Pinterest. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

  2. I love that you are doing a series on this! I never seem to be disciplined enough to sync an electronic calendar with a paper calendar and vice versa. I would like to work on that!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s a 3 part series & I’m super excited to be sharing my planner/calendar keeping secrets!

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