Managing Calendars | Part 2

Multiple electronic calendars- I have several calendars on my iCal. Today I’m sharing with you how I manage multiple calendars on my computer and how they keep me on track!


So, this is going to sound cray to some of you but my OCD requires a calendar, a labeled calendar for all my things. I have a public calendar that I share with my husband, I have a private calendar for lunch dates and such that he doesn’t want to see or be notified about, I have a work calendar obviously that is linked to my Gmail work account, I have a Family calendar for things that involve both me & husband, a Pet calendar for appointments & vet things, and so on and so forth. The joy to having a calendar for all these different things is I can easily turn them on and off.

So, if I only want to look at blog posts without all our family goings on, I can simply unclick the box and only see my blog posts. Or I can see all my work meetings and know I can’t grab coffee with a friend on June 6th because I’ll be out-of-town. Having all these in the same place is essential when I’m out and about.


Color Code

Now, when I say color code most people are going to assume I just mean the calendars on your computer and yes I do mean that, but I also mean your entire life- not really. But really. My Blog calendar on iCal is purple, I love to schedule when my blogs are going to post n my calendar so I can see how far out I have until they need to be written proofed and scheduled- I usually aim for a week out if I’m going to be completely honest here.


I set a 10 minutes before alert for every meeting I put into my calendar, not everything needs it but they all get it. Some things require a day ahead alert but for the most part 10 minutes before is good for me.


When collaborating on events, I like to share or make a shared calendar for everyone involved to create appointments for. I have a few shared calendars with my husband, but since he doesn’t use the calendar as much as I do it’s mostly for me. He always checks the calendar before making commitments and scheduling his monthly massage. Most things only need a shared appointment but when Kayla & I were writing our e-book a shared calendar was very helpful in planning out when chapters needed to be written by & edited by.

What’s your top electronic calendar tip?

Next Week: How to move from one paper planner to the next!

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