Wear It Wednesday | Design your Dream sandals from Sseko Designs

Y’all, I ordered these sandals in late April & have been itching to get them & share them with you. Also for fabulous spring weather to enjoy them too!

My Fellow would tell you they are the best DYDS you’ve ever seen & I’m bound to believe her, cause well, I did envision them. Although we texted back and forth about them for a week before pinning down EXACTLY what I wanted and what I ordered. 

I admit to going through a few variations, sandal styles, and color palettes before landing on my final design. Some things that remained consistent where:

  1. I wanted my initials on them
  2. Metallic leather of some sort

My DYDS will be my 3rd pair of Sseko sandals and 5th pair of Sseko shoes that I will own. (I just realized I own 5 pairs of Sseko shoes as I wrote that out!) Hopefully my husband doesn’t come to realize that any time soon! These are the sandals that I sold over $100 worth of stuff on Poshmark that I wasn’t wearing or using to buy, I wanted them that badly!

Are you just dying to see them?



Made by Prossy

Want to design your own custom sandals? Reach out to Stacie, (sseko.s.tyson@gmail) she’s the fabulous Fellow who helped me with my indecisiveness to create these!

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