1, 2, 3 Self Care this Summer

We don’t often talk about how tough life can be on us. And there are many ways to take care of yourself. Here are my favorite 3 ingredients for a successful me time!

For my husband, he loves to listen to music on vinyl that he’s hunted down. Rare special editions and colored vinyl are his favorite as well as soul & blues, The Beatles, and other random genres & artists from a variety or eras.

Many of the girls I asked about how they self care mentioned reading a good book (or The Good Book) with a cup of coffee with some good music in the background. Or perhaps something soothing while they lounge by the pool or hike a mountain. No matter where you self care I believe a drink & music are essential.

I prefer a cup of coffee with Gungor playing in the background while writing in my journal. If you haven’t listened to Gungor early in the morning with a cup of coffee it’s the most rejuvenating thing I can do in the mornings.

Here are my favorite things for self care:


yep it’s summer and I want you to grab your favorite coffee cup or iced tea, whether its a venti passion tea lemonade from Starbucks or a homemade coffee, you have to start with your favorite beverage. hot or cold.


This varies by person, by mood, by circumstance. Somedays it’s Hamilton on so loud I can’t hear myself think. Other days it’s Gungor or even the WestWorld soundtrack for me to hear myself better.


We all have that favorite spot in our homes, or neighborhood we love to rest in. I have one side of the couch where I typically sit. I like to sit there in the mornings and do my morning reading + journaling, drink my coffee (far from my computer) and do a short morning reflection. It’s my not working spot at my house. Or I’m at the pool, lounging with sunglasses & ear buds. In Colorado, my favorite place to be was on a trail. If I didn’t have long to hike I stayed close to home otherwise, I loved to be up on the backside of Pikes Peak.

Where do you go to take care of your inner most needs?

Do you go for a hike? Lounge at the pool or beach? Favorite chair at your local coffee shop?

I challenge you to spend five minutes today evaluating your needs.

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