Wear it Wednesday | Summer Shoes

Although the temps have been blissful lately, seriously like in the 70’s over the last 5 days but now that the worst is about to begin hello 100 degree days!  It’s too hot for pretty much every thing, almost to hot for clothes…I’m not one to go nudist but you seriously re-evalutate your clothing options when it’s in the 100’s for multiple days in a row. It’s best to go with less, less is so much more in the hot summer. 

Sandals are an obvious choice, and I have so many great pairs, it’s hard to decide which ones to wear some days! If you’ve been looking for the perfect pair of sandals, I love my Sseko Design Sandals. And it started with the ribbons, perfect for variety and versatility in one pair. Speaking of Sseko Designs 10 ways 10 days begins on June 19th! And the best thing about 10 ways 10 days is I don’t have to wear my ribbon sandals everyday, I can wear all my Sseko sandals- my T-straps & DYDS! #nosandalleftbehind So I’ll get to enjoy a variety of sandals, ribbons & accents!

Flats, when I need a more substantial shoe, I reach for my Toms slide-on flats. The new and improved shoe in Toms is way nicer than they were a few years ago when I bought my last pair. My black and white rope sole espadrille flats are versatile & go with everything, considering most things in my closet are solid having patterned shoes is an unexpected way to add variety.

What shoes do you reach for again and again over the summer season?

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