Wear It Wednesday | 2017 Sseko Designs 10 ways 10 days

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, the 10 ways 10 days challenge from Sseko Designs! This year all sandals, not just ribbons were invited to participate! Which made me super excited to participate this year! 

I made sure to enjoy all my sandals fairly since I’ve been favoring my T-straps & DYDS Rue sandals lately. But this is always a fun time to remember the versatility of my Ribbon sandals and how badass they look! My husband dubbed my day 1 sandals as my Wonder Woman shoes, and that felt amazing. I have Wonder Woman shoes. And you can too!

My favorite thing about 10 ways 10 days is it requires creativity. It’s not nearly as monotonous as say those capsule wardrobe challenges I’ve done and failed miserably at. Plus this year all Sseko sandals were invited to the 10ways party and I loved having a bit more variety, because you know I’ve added a few more styles to my collection since last year, HERE. So the grid feed full of feet & sandals is done for now and thanks for coming along for the ride!


Shop sandals by the young women in Uganda saving & working towards University, click on the logo below! Buy shopping Sseko you not only empower young women in Uganda but also a Fellow working here, in the USA, to support her family! My Sseko Fellow Stacie is passionate about proving opportunities to women and encouraging her own daughters to be brave & strong women!

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