Shopping as a Stylist

I was asked to go shopping with a friend a few weeks ago, she was looking for some shoes to wear in the water for an upcoming trip. We’ve only just started to get to know each other and so she asked me about my shopping habits.

“You must shop for yourself a lot since you’re a stylist!” she said

My answer wasn’t graceful but was more like, “Nah, not really”

Then of course when you say something like that the obvious follow up is, “Well then you must prefer designer brands!”

Actually, no.

I mean I know designer brands, I recognize them. I send a lot of them to my clients, but no I’m not a ‘designer brand’ girl.

Day 4

At one point in our shopping trip, she worried she was ruining me since I was swooning over some printed sneakers… I told her no, she wasn’t ruining me.

I usually swoon over pieces that I love & would easily fit into my closet. But I just got a new pair of Toms, so I don’t need another pair of sneakers this season.

As a stylist, I see a lot of things I like & admittedly want, but I pick & choose how to spend my money. Part of being a good Christian to me, in a job field that is highly materialistic is being a good steward with my money. I’ll shell out good money for things that I will:

1) get a lot of use out of

2) are for a good cause

3) and/or benefit others

Not everyone has the budget, or wants to have an ethical/limited closet. But I don’t want to spend money on something spontaneously only to hate it in a few weeks and then feel guilt every time I see it hanging in my closet. I want to spend my money, like my time, on things that matter and that do good in the world.

Some see frugality spending as little as possible as a spiritual virtue.

I see spending my dollars to empower others as a spiritual virtue.

I’ve bought tops from Target before, but I wear them until there are holes in them. I don’t throw them out after a season. Textile waste is the highest it’s ever been & I simply don’t want to contribute to that. I want to choose things that I will value, wear & use until they simply cannot keep up anymore.

Everyone’s shopping habits are different and they change through out our lives. I don’t expect everyone to have a limited wardrobe like the one I’ve built, but I am also happy to share the habits Ive learned along the way for those interested. And I won’t shame anyone for shopping at Target every now & then.

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