31 Things a Birthday Post

Birthday posts, seem weird to me. Almost brag or prideful, kind of showy and yet here I am.

I am 31 today. Seriously.

10 years ago, we celebrated my 21st birthday not at a bar but seeing Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. yep, I was (still am actually) a nerd.

Since there isn’t a new Harry Potter to commemorate this birthday, I thought I’d share 31 things about me!

  1. Born in Houston, Texas
  2. I have 1 blood sister (Haley) & an unofficial sister (Kendra)
  3. My birthday is a week after 4th of July & when I was little I liked to think the fireworks were for me
  4. I love to read
  5. I love strong women, my mom is one of the greatest examples of a strong female leader
  6. Hate icing, love cake
  7. Favorite colors: pink, yellow, coral & green
  8. I suffer from anxiety stemmed from being fired from my first job after graduating college & having our home robbed 7 years ago
  9. I take my coffee with honey and half & half
  10. I love succulents but I’ve been known to kill them
  11. Favorite number is 11
  12. I wanted to be a Veterinarian/Artist when I was little, but I’m not stellar at math & I can’t paint
  13. I went to college to study art & horticulture, ended up with a degree in Interior Design
  14. Raised a lamb for FFA in high school placed 11th overall
  15. I can basically rap all of Hamilton on my own. #Ham4Ham
  16. Raspberries are my favorite fruit
  17. I’ve always been self-conscious of my size, particularly because I was so small growing up
  18. Night Owl until 10 pm
  19. Gouda is my favorite cheese
  20. I color in my spare time when I want to be offline or have a screen free weekend
  21. I’ve known my hubby for 13 years
  22. He is also the only guy I ever dated
  23. We’ve moved 7 times since we got married
  24. 10 years ago
  25. I (basically) hate those specialty baseball jerseys teams wear for mothers day, 4th of july & so on.
  26. Pilot G-2 pens are what I prefer to journal with and will make special trips to target just for pens
  27. Was in competitive cheerleading for a few years in High School (seriously)
  28. I’m basically blind without corrective lenses & I’ve worn them since the 3rd grade
  29. I like my hair short even if my husband likes it long
  30. My Grandfather & I shared a birthday, this is my first year without him
  31. No new trips planned for now, although we are playing with the idea of visiting Japan

Ok, so high five for one, me being interesting enough to come up with 31 facts about me. These tend to leave me brain dead for days! Hope you learned something new!

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