Wear It Wednesday | How to stay cool & chic this summer 2017

It’s summer and that means the heat has set in and I’m sharing my top 3 ways to stay cool & on point this summer. It’s important not to overheat and just because something LOOKS cute and summery, it won’t keep you cool if it’s polyester, skin tight, or dark toned.

FABRICATION–  the number one way to stay cool even if you choose long sleeves and pants this summer is to look for lightweight fabrics that breath. Opt for cotton, linen, viscose, tencel or chambray.

I prefer cotton, while my husband prefers high performance fabrics but I worry about the environmental impact of these types of fabrics long term. Wear what you feel good in & keeps you cool!

CUT– when it’s hot out the last thing I want is fabric to be touching my skin. Reach for flowy tops and maxi skirts. Reveal your arms, legs and shoulders for comfortable looks that cool you down and allow your skin to catch the breeze.

Try a trendy cold shoulder or open back top, I especially love open back cuts that hide my bra but flow open allowing my lower back to breathe during hot & humid days.

COLOR– reach for lighter tone colors. A tone is when white has been added to a hue, the lighter the tone the more white and the more it reflects the suns rays for a cooler feel when in the sun this summer.

This is typically why you see so many lighter colors during the summer and darker earthy tones during the cooler months. I love a crisp white top paired with light washed denim shorts during hot days, try wide leg linen pants in taupe or khaki if white jeans just aren’t your thing.

What is your favorite way to stay cool during the hot summer days? Besides staying inside!

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