Whale Watching 2017

To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary at the end of June, hubby and I decided to do something special and unique to commemorate our big day. So we decided to go Whale Watching in Monterey Bay, launching from Moss Landing on the Sea Goddess.

Now, I am a mountains over the beach sort of girl, so being bound to a boat for 2 + hours was a bit intimidating to be honest with you. We prepped by packing a bag full of snacks, plenty of water, sandals, and layers along with more dramamine than is probably legally allowed.

We headed out early from our Central Valley home to the sea early that morning so we could launch on the 9:30 vessel. Sadly when we arrived their coffee maker wasn’t working so I’d have to go without but I wasn’t about to pass up a glazed donut on a lack of coffee.

Once we headed out the Naturalist, introduced herself and began pointing out the sea life in the harbor. I’ve seen my fair share of sea lions so while everyone was loving on these adorable wet sea dogs, I was swooning over the adorable sea weasles aka otters. No really they are freaking adorable and HUGE! I always think of them as small animals but they aren’t.

It wasn’t long after we left the harbor that the sightings started. And they really didn’t let up until we headed back in. As the guide said, there are no bad spots on the boat. We saw several humpback whale going down for deep dives into the trench for anchovies and krill. To which we had to quote Nemo every time she said krill!

Whales don’t eat fish, they eat krill.


Oh look, Krill!

After a great boat ride, we were both ready to come in for lunch. We walked to Phil’s Seafood Eatery & Market and had some fabulous fresh offerings from the sea. And a stuffed artichoke which based on the signs are a big deal to the small towns just outside Moss Landing. It was fabulous to say the least. We eat our fill and then decided to head home for a relaxing afternoon. Goodness knows we were both exhausted after the early morning and the great sights!

Dancing the night away at Kendra & Bryce’s Wedding April 2017

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