Wear It Wednesday | Days 6-10 Summer 10×10

I broke up this Summer 10×10 challenge for 2 reasons. 1) I was only getting dressed for the challenge Monday – Friday & I wanted to share WHY I choose each piece I included. I completed the challenge on July 21, which meant this was the soonest Wear It Wednesday available to show you the pieces from last week, if you’re not following along on Instagram.

Days 6-10

Piece Highlights:

6. One of my favorite pieces in my Summer 10×10 is my Burgundy shift dress from Elegantees  that I wore on Day 6. This one was from the 2015 Dressember line and is a fabulous lightweight cotton fabric the darker tone is a little out of place for the summer season but the cut is spot on.

7. As I said, in my last post I haven’t bought new shorts in years. My denim shorts are bought from Target, years ago. Again another ‘non-ethical’ purchase but one I’m determined to wear out before replacing because responsible shopping. Travis calls these my shorty shorts but they really aren’t THAT short. I have long legs for my height. Not my fault. 😉

8. Papaya Split Back knit top- my go-to summer top, cap sleeves, cotton, coral, and the airy split back are all ideal for hot days & I’d honestly wear this everyday if I could. I was going to link to Elegantees so you could snag one for the end of summer but they have sold out of this style!

9. The second pair of shoes I included in my Summer Capsule are my Sseko Designs T-strap sandals. I included these because they have interchangeable accents for a little bit of variety. I especially love my new colorful accents I got from Remedy Road.

10. I picked out Janel Baseball tee for a little variety in sleeve length, but honestly it’s too hot for this top. I didn’t get dressed until the evening for a church function which helped for this look. I love how soft all my Elegantees are, it’s seriously fabulous and this is a great modest top for the family night!

Can I get a high five for FINISHING a STYLE CHALLENGE! It looks like cupcakes and roses, but really when you don’t wanna get dressed and take a picture but have to it’s like pulling your own teeth. But I’m done and so glad to have made it with only one swap in the final 5 days!

Have you ever tried a style challenge? No worries, Kayla and I are planning one for most of August!

Get the details on August 2nd!

Be sure to use code: shelby when shopping with Elegantees for 10% off (not valid with any other codes) Also fall line is in the works and y’all I’m so so so excited! Eek!

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