Wear It Wednesday | August 10 piece Style Challenge

So, Kayla and I were talking earlier this summer about how to determine your style and what you want vs actually need and wear. She was trying to figure out what pieces she actually needed in her wardrobe while I was struggling through the Summer 10×10 challenge, swapping out a piece here and there as the temps continued to rise in Central California. We mutually decided to do a month* long style challenge. We agreed to the following terms:

  • Style Challenge through 1-15 & 23-31
  • Break the 16-22 (we’re both going on little mini vacay’s)
  • Break on the weekends for house clothes & lounging because life y’all. That means we are only getting dressed Monday thru Friday during the challenge ( and Sundays for church but with some leeway)
  • 10 pieces excluding shoes & accessories

So, all in all we’re only getting dressed for 18 days out of the month from Monday through Friday. Sounds easy peasy right? 🙂

I decided to up the challenge and make half my pieces dresses. It’s still swealtering here and dresses are so perfect for hot, dog days of summer. Plus I won’t wear one dress while on vacay. I love dresses but don’t always reach for them. I’m using this challenge as Dressember 2017 prep!

My 10 pieces include:

1. Burgundy Dressember 2015 Shift Dress (Elegantees)

2. Navy A-line Dress (Old Navy)

3. Green Floral Maxi Dress (Stitch Fix)

4. White Eyelet Shift Dress (Stitch Fix)

5. Black Sheath Dress (Old Navy)

6. Blush Elegantees tank

7. White Peplum Elegantees Top

8. Olive Ankle jeans (Stitch Fix)

9. Denim Shorts (target)

10. Chambray button down top (target)

Things that aren’t limited: jewelry, scarves, bags, and shoes. We intentionally didn’t include shoes in our number of pieces, because we both have a few favorite pairs. I don’t have a ton of shoes, but like a few favorite that I tend to wear on repeat. So, limiting shoes seemed silly and unnecessary for both of us.

Sseko Designs DYDS Rue Sandals with rose gold & black leather

Want to join in?

Pick 10 pieces, and get creative! I don’t plan on sharing each look on IG but feel free to do so with #WIWstylechallenge 

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