Finished Reading: Of Mess + Moxie by Jen Hatmaker

Full Disclosure: I tried really hard not to read this book in a week. I tried to space it out. I tried not to reach for it at the end of the day, and every morning. And, not only did I fail miserably. I loved every moment.

I loved For the Love by Jen from 2015. Her easy to read style just scoops you up and you settle in like a comfy chair. Her humor, is not only relatable regardless if you have children or are in a relationship. You totally understand her. I read Jen’s books and I come away with the same feeling of fullness after a wonderful evening with friends over drinks, but without the hang over and mess to clean up the next day.

Of Mess & Moxie was a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, it starts of gentle, soft, relatable. Then Jen throws some deep theology and philosophy at you. She reminds you you’re not too much, your mess isn’t too messy & no matter what God made you just the way He wanted to for an important reason. Then another lighthearted essay with one hilarious line that will make you weep laughter from your eye balls. Not kidding.

If you’re picking up Of Mess & Moxie and have never read Jen Hatmaker before, go ahead and jump into the deep end by enjoying her ‘how to’ on page 118. If this doesn’t make you bust out laughing or seize up on the floor from being unable to breath from said laughing fit then this may not be the book for you. (There is so much more to this book than that one page but everyone should read page 118 before checking out of the book store. I promise everyone will want to read it if your laughing was anything like mine.) 

Jen talks about love the kind of love than can only come from God, how hard it is to raise teenagers (for which I realized how lucky and thankful I was for my easy going mom & my more rule based dad. It’s about balance & love, y’all), she talks about creativity, Netflix more than one appearance, and how to survive a house renovation while being filmed for an HGTV show & not ruining your marriage in the process.

There are these How To Sections, which are hilarious peeks into real life. These are not IG worthy, but #reallife. The biggest take aways for me was at the beginning of the book:

  1. Let’s not mourn the mess and forget our moxie
  2. You don’t have to be who you were.

So, if you enjoy real conversation, hard conversations, food, Netflix and hilarious stories with honest meanings then I think you’ll like love Of Mess & Moxie.

I recieved this book for free in return for an honest review.

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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