National Park Series | Devils Tower National Monument | Wyoming

Travis & I visited Wyoming on a road trip in 2013, we headed out of Colorado towards Kansas, then up to Nebraska, South & North Dakota where we hit Theodore Roosevelt National Park, over to Montana where we did Little Bighorn Battlefield & Pompey’s Pillar

On our way back to Colorado, we made sure to see Devils Tower. This impressive lava formation is truly spectacular, we walked all the way around it and loved being able to enjoy this landmark!

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I didn’t take a ton of images on this trip, then with a oops on my external drive lost all the ‘extra’ images. This one survived! While we didn’t get to spend a lot of extra time at this National Monument, it was quiet impressive. Hearing the stories of how the Native Americans believed it was formed after seeing it are interesting and fun.

Devils Tower photo by Travis

We visited in mid April and the weather was fantastic, I should mention that while the weather was great, only a week earlier a freak snow storm came through while we were in Nebraska and would have made visiting this monument much more difficult & cold. So be prepared & plan ahead!

More Information about Devils Tower National Monument.

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