Wear It Wednesday | My 4 Favorite Ethical Brands

Although, I love learning about new ethical brands and supporting them I tend to shop my favorites over and over again. If you’re not sure where to start in the ethical shopping game, this list is a good place to dive in. There are shoes, tops, dresses, even jeans on this list!

I really focused my closet on more ethical pieces this year and am pleased with the new tops & dresses added to my wardrobe from Elegantees. They make me look & feel good about the clothes I wear. I admit, I prefer knits over wovens. So if you love a comfy jersey fabric top, Elegantees is a wonderful option. Plus, I’m not a big pattern person, so their line of solid  tops are easy to mix & match and layer with. (Shhh, the new pre-fall line is out and swoon, ya’ll those earthy tones are basically my love language) Use code: shelby for 10% off and there is free shipping & returns in the US, so basically you can’t go wrong!

Sseko Designs
Another brand that I own about 60% of their catalog without shame. I’ve slowed down, but that’s mostly because I have my staples. A brown cross body, brown ballet flats, gold d’Orsay flats, sandals or 3, a necklace & bracelet (I’m going to stop listing things in case my husband comes across this.)

A leather bag is an investment and when purchased from a brand with the mission to empower women, it’s also an investment in our global sisterhood.

No, lie. I’ve loved fashionABLE since I learned about them 4 years ago. Now that their ethical denim has arrived, I’m just head over heels and want them all in my closet. ALL. OF. THEM. Although, a huge ethical fashion fan, I do have a budget. And am hoping to snag some of their new denim collection during the holiday season on sale. I do love the local + global impact they are making, by employing underprivileged women in Tennessee trying to re-enter the work force. I own a black cross body from fashionABLE and love the classic envelope style & sturdiness of this one, over the super soft sheepskin cross body from Sseko.

I feel like there are 2 camps of ethical fashion folks, the Noonday folks and the 31Bits folks. While I love Noonday, there is something more trend forward about 31Bits that I love. Their pieces are especially well made and I’m a sucker for paper beaded anything. (Great idea for Christmas!) You really can’t go wrong, and their new woven bags are just on-point for this summer season!

Other Brands I’m crushing on but don’t own:

Starfish Project


The Root Collective


Half United

Ten Thousand Villages

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