Deep in the Heart of Texas

I commonly refer to myself as a misplaced texan. You see I was born, raised and lived in the Lone Star State for 25 years before moving out. Travis and I originally left for the Rocky Mountains in Colorado before ending up in California.

No matter how long I’ve been gone (5 years) I still consider myself a Texan.

Now, I’m a bit cynical when I get on Facebook and everyone is #prayersfor this & that. Only because I’m overly cynical about 99% of what I see on Facebook. 

I’m all about praying for those who are in trouble and need help because of the flooding but in addition to our prayers, these people need a roof over their heads, food for their bellies, safe places for them, their families and their animals. They need real help, physical help, healthcare, assistance of all kinds. Yes, we are called to lift up those in times of trouble but we are also called to be the hands and feet. To go out there and do good works for our neighbors in need.

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Let’s not criticize those who didn’t leave. Local authorities didn’t call for an evacuation, hurricanes are unpredictable. At times, they are simply a lot of rain, at others they are storm swells with unpredictable winds and roaring waves. I know because I lived in Houston for 18 years, and been through my share of hurricanes.

Consider how hard and devastating this is for the elderly, the disabled and the homeless? How are they to evacuate?

The best thing to do now is give of ourselves.

If all you can do is pray, then pray.

But if you can do more, I implore you to do just that.

Give of your time, your resources, your self for those who are truly in need in the city of Houston and Southern Texas.

Here are more links on how you can help:

Red Cross
Austin Pets Alive

Texas Diaper Bank

Feeding Texas

Coalition for the Homeless

Children’s Disaster Services is funded in part by gifts to the Emergency Disaster Fund of the Church of the Brethren

OR buy from Brands in Texas giving back to their community:

Congress Clothing

May Designs

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