National Park Series | Denali National Park | Alaska

In 2006, we went on an epic family vacation to Denali National Park in Central Alaska. It was one of the best National Park visits I have. 

There is so much to know about Denali, it’s a 6 million acre park and preserve with one road, one entrance,  and more exciting views than you’d ever expect. We spent a few days in the area of Denali that summer, note the sun didn’t go down until nearly midnight and was up again around 4 or so. And we were luck enough to see the Mountain, Denali on a clear day.

At an astonishing 20,310′ Denali the the tallest mountain in North America.

This unique park offers visitors a rare opportunity to go ‘off trail’ you are free to walk anywhere in the park. There is no hotel or lodge in Denali, but if you enjoy camping there are 6 campgrounds to choose from. My family is not a camping family, so we resided outside the park in a cute little cabin down the road with the biggest cinnamon rolls I’d ever seen. (And I’m from Texas so, it was a big deal!)

We rode on one of the park buses to Kantishna, a small insulated resort inside Denali. Now, I just said there are no lodges in Denali but you can stay in one of the cabins or rooms at the Roadhouse. Keep in mind if you stay in Katnisha, that you must ride the bus or train in.

We didn’t do any on our own hiking while there, although it is on my bucket list. Be sure to try a Ranger led talk or hike if you feel uncomfortable hiking in the vast wilderness on your own!

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One thought on “National Park Series | Denali National Park | Alaska

  1. I think it is time to start planning our next trip up there. Maybe a couples trip with the 4 of us. 🙂

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