National Park Series | Pinnacles National Park | California

We found Pinnacles NP almost by accident, we were wanting to explore a new place while family was visiting. We were thrilled to find this little hidden treasure just off the California coast. 

Pinnacles National Park

We did a the Old Pinnacles Trail, to the Balconies Cave Trail then the Balconies cliff trail before meeting back up with the original trail and going back to the car. Come prepared with a headlamp or flashlight for the cave trails!

Map of Pinnacles

These caves were formed by a volcano eruption around 23 million years ago, creating the formations, cliffs and caverns of Pinnacles NP worn down by water, weather and chemical erosion. These lava flows were then split by the San Andreas fault, the west side traveled 195 miles at a rate of 3-6 centimeters a year.

More information about Pinnacles National Park, Here
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