Wear it Wednesday | Ethical Shopping List

Friends, I’ve had a dream of my own Ethical Shopping List for a while. The thought originated while working on write 31 days in 2016, and only recently did it actually happen in an easy to read & use way. I tried to organize by cause, by country, by specific products and I finally realized that simpler really is better. 

I’m happy to officially unveil the Ethical Shopping List.

This list will live on the Ethical fashion page, Here more permently. So you don’t have to come back to this blog post to find it.

It’s modest, as I recognize I wasn’t able to include every brand. But it’s alive & will evolve, it will grow and new things will be added, maybe one day we can split the clothing category into Mens, Womens, and Kids. Until then, it’s all in one and I’m so happy with the variety  of countries, causes, and the many artisans that are included on this list.


If there is an ethical brand you love that’s not included, don’t be afraid to reach out and let me know. (There is a contact form on the Ethical Fashion Page you can use!) I’ll do what research I need to verify they are ethical and will then include them on the list! I’d even like to tell you I’d email you but I don’t want to give myself more than I can handle right now. So, if you do get a follow up email from me *high five*!

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