South Lake Tahoe 2017

My parent’s come to visit us in California once a year, and since none of us are really thrilled with the options of things to do in Modesto, we tend to visit somewhere else. Last year, we spent a few days in the Bay and a few days in South Lake Tahoe. This year, we opted for more time in the mountains, they flew into Reno and we drove up from Modesto for an extended weekend together.

Close family friends, also came, the more the merrier! We walked to the casinos (my parents and our family friends enjoy gambling), took a hike, watched the Astro’s beat the Red Soxs (Go Astros!), cooked, played cover & shove it and so on.

Asher went with us, I like to joke that my dad is Asher’s 2nd favorite person. He loves my parents and my dog loves hiking. We found a pet friendly house and enjoyed lots of walks, snuggles, and playing fetch. We (Travis and I) wanted to go hiking one day, I found a easy/moderate hike not far from our house. Asher had so much fun and even went off leash for a little while. We respect trail rules and typically only go off leash when it was safe and we know no one else was around.

I even had some time to write this post. 🙂 Our unstructured weekend, was relaxing and super busy it’s crazy how that works out.

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