Wear It Wednesday | Slippers with Style

When you work from home, your wardrobe tends to be pretty casual, unless you’re going out on a regular basis. It was actually hard for me to get dressed because the thought was, what if I wear this and no one sees me…anyone else?

But I’ve learned that is ok. It was hard at first to start getting dressed each day but it actually made me more productive, there was no ‘gosh darn now I have to go get dressed so my neighbors don’t think I spend all day in sweats’ when I need to walk Asher. #workfromhomeproblems

And I feel put together. The crowning piece of my new work from home wardrobe are my Birdies slippers, I’ve been crushing on a pair for a few months and as usual, I looked on Poshmark before buying new. (Thrifting is a form of ethical fashion!)

My new Wren slippers are prefect for rounding out my work from look with a pop of style. Made with real calf hair and lined with faux shearling and satin my toes stay warm and cute not to mention a rubber sole for those trips outside! Now these aren’t wear all the time outside flats definitely more inside but the occasional trip doesn’t hurt them. Perfect for hosting or spending the day working away!

Are you looking for a new pair of house shoes? These were made with entertaining and all the other fun busy things that happen at home in mind.

Shop the Wren, HERE

This is not a sponsored post, I just really love these and HAD to share with you!

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